Cortical Circuits

Visual cognition in normal and brain-damaged humans.
Using attention to study cortical population codes
Cortical mechanisms of memory, attention, and spatial representation in primates.
Theoretical investigations of the impact of neural variability on sensory processing.
Applications of mathematics to biological systems.
Functional consequences of altered connectivity in schizophrenia; the early secretory pathway's role in neurodevelopment and synaptogenesis
Neurophysiology of basal ganglia system related to psychiatric disorders.
Statistical analysis of neural data.
Functional architecture of the prefrontal cortex and schizophrenia.
Cellular basis of goal-directed behavior and animal models of schizophrenia.
Contributions of cortical microcircuit properties to information processing and coding in the olfactory system.
Motor control in humans.
Cerebral basis for volitional movement and cortical neural prosthetics.
Neural circuits and behavior
Functional neuroanatomy of cortical and brainstem monoamine systems.
Sensory physiology of the cerebral cortex.
Cortical circuits and population codes that underlie visual perception
CNS circuits of motor and cognitive functions; motor skill acquisition and retention; functional imaging.
Mechanisms of psychosis in Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia.
High-level vision and categorization in humans
Neurophysiology of basal ganglia-cortical networks in health and disease.