Learning and Memory

Cortical mechanisms of memory, attention, and spatial representation in primates.
Cellular and circuitry mechanisms underlying pathological neural plasticity
Neuroimaging and cognitive studies of age and health.
Neuroimaging and behavioral studies of language, working memory, motivation, and learning.
Auditory cognitive neuroscience, with a focus on spoken language
Cellular and circuitry mechanisms underlying drug addiction and sleep regulation of reward.
Regulation of GABAergic inhibition in development and mental disorders
Pharmacological and environmental approaches for neurobehavioral and histological recovery after experimental traumatic brain injury.
Cellular basis of goal-directed behavior and animal models of schizophrenia.
Adaption, learning, and plasticity in simulated neural networks.
Cortical mechanisms of cognition in primates.
Motor control in humans.
Neural circuits for stress responses and emotional learning: organization and postnatal development.
Theoretical and computational modeling of dynamics in neuronal networks.
Behavioral, biochemical, and physiological analysis of learning and memory.
Neurophysiology of basal ganglia-cortical networks in health and disease.
Cellular mechanisms for learning and memory and their role in auditory processing.
The impact of gender and changes in neurochemistry on rehabilitation and treatment outcomes after traumatic brain injury (TBI).