CNUP Brain Program



The CNUP Brain Program connects local middle and high school students with graduate- and faculty-level neuroscientists. Through in-school visits featuring presentations and demonstrations,  we aim to make our work accessible to students and to increase understanding of the role of research in our community and society. Educators interested in arranging a Brain Program visit may email for more information.

CNUP graduate students may participate in Brain Program for elective credit.


NROSCI 2018- Communicating Science (1-2 credits)

This course will foster a student’s skills in scientific communication and outreach through participation in the CNUP Brain Program. The Brain Program organizes outreach trips by CNUP students and faculty to area middle and high schools to foster interest in neuroscience through interactive presentations and demonstrations on a variety of topics. (Established presentations cover basic brain anatomy, mechanisms of memory and learning, traumatic brain injury, and basic neurophysiology.) An enrolled student will: (1) attend classes semi-weekly to prepare presentations, (2) participate in at least three school visits each semester, and (3) give presentations at least twice. The course is designed to help students refine their ability to deliver an audience-engaging 10-15 minute presentation on a neuroscience-related topic through brief hands-on demonstrations and/or Powerpoint presentations. On-campus class meetings will be devoted to lectures on effective communication of science to a general audience, individual practice of new or adopted presentations, and constructive feedback to presenters. Students enrolled in the 1-credit option may adopt and adapt existing presentation materials. Students enrolled in the 2-credit option are expected to develop their own presentation. Students will be evaluated by the instructor according to participation.