Amanda Henton


Education & Training

B.S., Illinois College (2016)
PhD, University of Pittsburgh (2022)


Thanos Tzounopoulos

Graduation Year


Research Interest Summary

Neural plasticity and tinnitus

Representative Publications

Henton A, Tzounopoulos T. What's the buzz? The neuroscience and the treatment of tinnitus. Physiol
Rev. 2021 Oct 1;101(4):1609-1632.

Yeh, C. Y., Ye, Z., Moutal, A., Gaur, S., Henton, A. M., Kouvaros, S., Saloman, J. L., Hartnett-Scott, K.
A., Tzounopoulos, T., Khanna, R., Aizenman, E., & Camacho, C. J. (2019). Defining the Kv2.1-syntaxin
molecular interaction identifies a first-in-class small molecule neuroprotectant. Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 116(31), 15696–15705.