Jenesis Gayden




Education & Training

M.S., Georgetown University (2019)
B.S., Syracuse University (2017)




Zachary Freyberg

Graduation Year


Research Interest Summary

Uncovering the cellular mechanisms of morphine-induced plasticity in unique subpopulations of striatal medium spiny neurons

Representative Publications

Kosar, K., Cornuet, P., Singh, S., Lee, E., Liu, S., Gayden, J., Sato, T., Freyberg, Z., Arteel, G., & Nejak-Bowen, K. (2021). WNT7B Regulates Cholangiocyte Proliferation and Function During Murine Cholestasis. Hepatology communications, 5(12), 2019–2034. PMID: 34558852; PMCID: PMC8631094. 

Gayden J.D. and Freyberg Z (2020) Commentary: Ghrelin promotes midbrain neural stem cells
differentiation to dopaminergic neurons through the Wnt/β-catenin pathway. Front. Cell. Neurosci.
14:248. doi: 10.3389/fncel.2020.00248

Luo, L., Guan, X., Begum, G., Ding, D., Gayden, J., Hasan, M. N., Fiesler, V. M., Dodelson, J.,
Kohanbash, G., Hu, B., Amankulor, N. M., Jia, W., Castro, M. G., Sun, B., & Sun, D. (2020). Blockade
of Cell Volume Regulatory Protein NKCC1 Increases TMZ-Induced Glioma Apoptosis and Reduces
Astrogliosis. Molecular cancer therapeutics, 19(7), 1550–1561.

Kikuchi, A., Singh, S., Poddar, M., Nakao, T., Schmidt, H. M., Gayden, J. D., Sato, T., Arteel, G. E., &
Monga, S. P. (2020). Hepatic stellate cell-specific platelet-derived growth factor receptor α loss reduces
fibrosis and promotes repair following hepatocellular injury. The American journal of pathology, S0002-
9440(20)30297-2. Advance online publication.