Kaitlyn Peterson



Education & Training

BS in NS, Baylor University (2018)


Colleen McClung

Graduation Year


Research Interest Summary

Psychiatric disorders

Representative Publications

Vadnie CA*, Petersen KA*, Eberhardt LA, Hildebrand MA, Cerwensky AJ, Zhang H, Burns JN,
Becker-Krail DD, DePoy LM, Logan RW and McClung CA (2022) The Suprachiasmatic Nucleus
Regulates Anxiety-Like Behavior in Mice. Front. Neurosci. 15:765850. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2021.765850.
*co first authors

DePoy, L. M., Becker-Krail, D. D., Zong, W., Petersen, K., Shah, N. M., Brandon, J. H., ... & McClung,
C. A. (2020). Circadian-and sex-dependent increases in intravenous cocaine self-administration in Npas2
mutant mice. Journal of Neuroscience.