Samuel Dienel

  • PhD


Education & Training

PhD, University of Pittsburgh (2022)


BST W1644


David A. Lewis

Graduation Year


Representative Publications

Dienel SJ, Ciesielski AJ, Bazmi HH, Profozich EA, Fish KN, Lewis DA. Distinct Laminar and Cellular
Patterns of GABA Neuron Transcript Expression in Monkey Prefrontal and Visual Cortices. Cereb
Cortex. 2021 Mar 31;31(5):2345-2363. doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhaa341. PMID: 33338196; PMCID:

Schoonover, K. E., Dienel, S. J. & Lewis, D. A. Prefrontal cortical alterations of glutamate and GABA
neurotransmission in schizophrenia: Insights for rational biomarker development. Biomark
Neuropsychiatry 3, (2020).

Dienel, S. J., Enwright, J. F., 3rd, Hoftman, G. D. & Lewis, D. A. Markers of glutamate and GABA
neurotransmission in the prefrontal cortex of schizophrenia subjects: Disease effects differ across
anatomical levels of resolution. Schizophr Res (2019).

Dienel, S. J. & Lewis, D. A. Alterations in cortical interneurons and cognitive function in schizophrenia.
Neurobiol Dis 131, 104208 (2019)