Tips For Applying


I am Mary Torregrossa, the Chair of the Admissions Committee for the CNUP program. My goal is to ensure that we recruit the very top students in the country to the CNUP graduate program. (Our neuroscience training is outstanding, so my job is easy!) A lot of people ask me: what tips do you have for getting into grad school? No matter where you are applying, your application will do better if you follow these easy suggestions. Looking forward to seeing your application!! - Mary

Research experience is important
Grad school involves doing a lot of research, so we want to make sure you really like it. Convey this in your research statement. Also, we are looking for independent thinkers, not technicians. So when you describe your previous research experience, talk about your research in terms of the big questions you were addressing and why they are important; don’t simply list a bunch of techniques that you learned.

Why us?
There are dozens of PhD programs in Neuroscience – what makes you attracted to ours? Is it because our CNUP program is one of the best in the country? Or are you interested in the research of particular faculty members? Make sure you make this clear in your application.


Do your homework
Once you get an interview, the next step is to come prepared. We are looking for students who will also be great colleagues – people who can discuss research (theirs and ours) in an engaged and interesting way.


The whole visit is an interview
We are committed to building a strong and cohesive cohort of graduate student trainees, so we really value what the current students think of the applicants. Show everyone that you are a fun team player and a considerate person.