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          The Pittsburgh Zoo

               Pittsburgh is home to the famous Pittsburgh Zoo! Our zoo is one of only

               six major zoo and aquarium combinations in the United States. Located

               in Pennsylvania's Highland Park, the zoo sits on 77 acres of park land

               where it exhibits more than 4,000 animals representing 475 species,

               including 20 threatened or endangered species. Being only 9 miles away

               from campus, CNUP students can easily visit the exhibits by bus or bike.

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   Pittsburgh Is A Beautiful Place


     Pittsburgh is located in the south west of the state, at the confluence
     of the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers. Pittsburgh is known 
     both as "the Steel City" for its more than 300 steel-related businesses
     and as the "City of Bridges" for its 446 bridges.

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Pittsburgh Offers Terrific Opportunities For Community Involvement

I do volunteer work at Community Forge in Wilkinsburg, that is “an inclusive community space dedicated

to creating opportunities for Wilkinsburg” (look at webpage  Much of the work

they do focuses on youth engagement and community collaboration. It is co-owned by a small group of young professionals including faculty at Pitt, CMU and Duquesne in psychology & neuroscience, physics     and computer science.



       Community Forge is located in a building that was a school
       built in 1906 and closed in 2011. It is a classic Pittsburgh
       school, a city block in size and 4 stories tall. I have done

       most of the landscaping as the space has been converted

       to a community building. Travis Alverez, Ph.D., a recent

      graduate in the Psychology Dept. at Pitt and currently a Pitt

      Instructor, is a co-owner of Community Forge. The University

      of Pittsburgh holds two “Pitt Day of Giving” days each year            Judy Cameron in Front            Travis Alverez at Community Forge          when Pitt students go into the community and volunteer.               of Community Forge                                                                                         Last Fall 50 Pitt students came to Community Forge and

                                                                              helped with landscaping, painting, and repair work.                                  



            Pitt students volunteering at Community
            Forge during the Fall 2018 Pitt
            Day of Giving




What We Have To Say About Pittsburgh...

  • Jonathan Rubin

    I have so much fun at Pittsburgh’s local neighborhood festivals and music events!

  • Kimberly Berry

    Pittsburgh is an exciting hub for neuroscience research. It’s awesome to be able to explore my interests and have so many experts in one place.

  • Jake Wright

    One reason Pittsburgh is a fantastic place to live is the great cycling in and around the city.

  • Kristine Ojala

    Pittsburgh is a floral, wild and adventurous city totally accessible by foot and by budget. The CNUP encourages the venture into new scientific frontiers as well as the discovery of our beautiful, artistic, and beloved community.

  • Sara Springer

    “I love used books and so does Pittsburgh! The city has at least 10 independent bookstores, accessible by bus or car, plus a couple of comics stores, a Barnes & Noble, and various university bookstores. I’ve filled up a few shelves in my first year here!”

  • Frances Johnson

    Pittsburgh has tremendous resources if you want to do neuroscience research. The research community is diverse and deep and open. If you know what you're interested in, or if you just want to learn more, I recommend a deep dive into who is here. Send an email, ask a question, make an appointment to chat. You will discover useful things you didn't know and make important connections

  • Michael Shteyn

    "The relationship between Pitt and CMU is strong and unique in cognitive & computational neuroscience. Being able to move seamlessly through two powerhouse institutions for seminars, journal clubs, and collaborations is a huge advantage of CNUP that is hard to find nearly anywhere else."